Year 6 Flexible and Remote Learning Instructions


Hi Grade 6 families,

As of week 3, we will be transitioning to online learning. This means all instructions will be posted online, however some activities will not need to be completed using a device.

Important Information:

Compass: this is where your child’s schedule will be visible. The Compass lesson plan will have the instructions for the lesson. Both you and your child can see this when you login to Compass.

  • LIT: literacy – on any given day, this could be reading, spelling and/or writing.
  • NUM: numeracy
  • INT: integrated – this is a ‘general studies’ subject that will include their integrated lessons, as well as some wellbeing.

Students will also have 30 minutes of physical activity each day, as well as a specialist lesson.

Google Classroom: Resources and activities will be posted to Google Classroom. Students can ask questions, and submit their work online to their teacher via Google Classroom.

Contacting Us:

We appreciate all the support you’ve given your children and us to transition to this new way of learning.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Students can contact their classroom teacher through their school email address or in the Google Classroom.

Parents, you are able to email your child’s teacher through Compass.

Please feel free to call Libbee King during 9am-3:15pm, Monday-Friday on 0437 838 901.

Thank you

Grade 6 Team

6A- Ms Wahid-

6B- Miss Alarcon-

6C- Miss King-

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