Dear Year 1 Parents and Carers,

Your child will be able to continue learning at home whilst the school is closed.  From Monday 20th of July you will be able to use your Login Details to log into Compass. You should see your child’s Dashboard. Next, you go to Schedule tab, press on each blue box and look in the Lesson Plan section to find the work your child is to complete.


Lessons are posted on Compass for the following times each day: 9:00am, 10:30am and 1pm.  These lessons include- Literacy, Maths, Integrated, PE, Art and Music.

Daily 30 minute Physical Activity sessions are at 12:15pm.

Each week the Year 1 students will have four Live sessions using Google Meet.

On Monday at 10:30am and Tuesday at 1pm these will be Literacy lessons where students will work on Reading and/or Writing activities with their teacher and classmates.

On Wednesday at 10:30am and Thursday at 9:00am students will be participating in Live Maths lessons with their teacher and classmates.

On Friday at 1pm students are welcome to attend a Live Extra Help session.


Students are expected to attend all these sessions as attendance will be recorded.  If your child is absent you will receive a phone call and the office will be notified.

On Fridays you will need to email your child’s teacher about attendance by 1pm e.g. My child is completing their work today.  If your child completes the Mathletics Task and/or comes to the Extra Help session, you do not need to email.

Expectations – Live Sessions (Google Meet)

Invitations to Live Google Meet sessions will be sent to your child’s Doveton College Gmail.  You will need to use the sent link to join the sessions.

Live Sessions are the same as Classroom time and teachers have the same expectations of student behaviour and attitude.  Students are expected to be on time, prepared with booklets, pencils, etc.  They are expected to participate in the learning activities as they would in the classroom.  Snacks and food should not be eaten during learning time.

Students can continue to use Reading Eggs and Mathletics on a computer or iPad (login codes and passwords are in their Home Reading Diary and/or stuck on the front of their Home Pack- blue folder).  Students can complete teacher assigned tasks. They can also access the Reading Eggs library for books to read.

Take Home Book Reading

Reading every day is an essential part of your child’s learning and we strongly recommend that this continues. Your child has been given 10 books (2 books a week) to read. You should write the title and sign their Home Reading Diary when the book has been read.  Each book should be read two or three times over the week.  This really helps your child to develop their fluency.

If you have any questions or need help with your child’s home learning please feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards,

The Year 1 Doveton College Team


Teacher Contact Details

Alex Panoutsos 1A

Simone Mensen 1B

Emily McCluskey 1C

Tracie Griffith 1D


Year 1 PLT PHONE NUMBER- 0437 855 283- Please feel free to call Mrs Alex Panoutsos between               9am-3:15pm, Monday-Friday.

Download Year 1 Schedule