About Early Learning

Children start learning from the moment they are born. Their first five years are a crucial time, when the building blocks to be successful learners are formed.

The scientific evidence is clear about this. It is also clear about the benefits of a top quality early years education service for children. To achieve an excellent learning environment for children you need well qualified educators.

That’s why we’ve made a deliberate choice to have much higher numbers of qualified educators at our Early Learning Centre than the minimum standard required under Australian law. Our ratio of children per educator is also well above the national minimum standard.

It means our educators have the time and expertise to focus on nurturing each child’s curiosity and enthusiasm to learn.

Learning through play

Our play-based curriculum helps children to communicate, explore, discover, imagine and create.

It is based on the National Early Years Learning Framework and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. The policies describe five learning outcomes that children under five need to achieve:

  • A strong sense of well-being

  • Confidence and involvement in their learning

  • Effective communication skills

  • Connections with their world

  • A strong sense of their identity

Our highly trained educators help children develop these skills. By working closely with parents to get to know each child, they create a learning program that builds on every child’s interests and needs.

We welcome parents and families to be part of this exciting journey.