28th March News

Dear Parents/Carers,

Today we delivered remote learning materials to all College families in case there is an extended school closure.

This work should begin on Wednesday 15 April if school does not resume as planned.  If we do resume school please make sure that your child/children bring the work to school because they will be working from it in class.

Students are currently on holidays and are not expected to begin this work until 15 April if advised to do so. 

School is scheduled to resume on Wednesday 15 April.  We will contact you on Tuesday 14 April to inform you of what is happening.

The Doveton College website contains some information that might help you with some activities for your children over the holiday break.  Please go to the Remote Learning button to access this. (Remote Learning information will be uploaded soon)

The following websites provide current information and advice:

Department of Education and Training

Department of Health and Human Services

The Early Learning Centre remains open at this stage.

I will continue to update the College community through this page and through Compass posts and emails. To minimize the spread of the virus it is important that you continue to follow the official advice regarding social distancing, isolating at home and ensuring that your children are not socializing with others. Please take care of yourself and your family during this challenging time.


Kind Regards

Deb Gibson

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School Holidays to begin Tuesday 24 March

Dear parents/carers,

School holidays for students commence tomorrow Tuesday 24 March.  Students are not to attend school unless their parents are workers in an Essential Service.  For children in Prep – Year 6 who have parents working in Essential Services we will have staff here to provide care and supervision.   Holiday program provision may be provided for those who work in Essential Services – can you please contact the College before Thursday 26 March  to advise if you need to access Holiday Program.

The Early Learning Centre will remain open at this stage.

The current plan is for students to resume school on Wednesday 15 April – Tuesday 14 April is a pupil free day.   If school does not resume we will provide you with information about how students can access remote learning programs.

It is important that we are able to maintain contact with parents, carers and students.  The best way to do this is through Compass.  All students in the school sector have login details for Compass.  Every family in the College has a different Compass login. If you do not have access to Compass please contact the office on 8765 0111 to get your login details.  You will be able to email College staff through Compass.

During the holidays you may receive phone calls from staff which may be from a private number.  Please understand that we are not able to share our personal mobile numbers, so will have to block them if we contact you.

We are committed to staying in touch with children and families during any extended college closure.  Please make contact with us, via the College phone (8765 0111) or email if you need to – over the holidays we will not be able to respond straight away but will call you back as soon as possible.

Check the News section of the website for updated information for both the school sector and the Early Learning Centre.

This is a constantly changing situation and challenging for us all.  Please remember that these are not our usual school holidays and the whole community needs to minimise contact with others.  We all need to ensure that young people are staying at home.  Thank you for your calm response and support during this evolving situation. Please take care of yourself and your family during this stressful time.

Yours faithfully,

Deb Gibson

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