Family Services

Doveton College provides access to a team of family support and health specialists who work together to help children and families at Doveton College.

We focus on early intervention and a coordinated approach to delivering health, education and family services.  Families enjoy quick access to services and avoid travelling long distances or joining long waiting lists to receive the services they need.

Maternal & Child Health

To enhance a child’s health and development from birth to school age we provide a free Maternal and Child Health Service run by the City of Casey.

Parents with infants and pre-school aged children can make regular appointments with our maternal and child health nurses.

At each appointment parents chat to our nurses and learn how to improve their child’s health, growth and development.

To make an appointment to see our nurses at Doveton College please contact the Maternal and Child Health central booking number on 9705 5590.

Our other services for babies and pre-school children include:

  • Playgroups

  • Healthy eating

  • Immunisation programs

  • Visiting children’s doctor

  • Therapy and other early childhood intervention services


One of the fantastic sights of the college is the lineup of prams for playgroup. Playgroups run most days from 9:30am – 12pm weekly during school terms. The program is run by 54 reasons. It is open to everyone, free and run by trained early childhood facilitators.

As well, 54 reasons provides free early childhood and parenting programs for children aged 0-5 and their families, at Doveton College.  Our qualified staff provide activities that support child development, school readiness and support for parents, including supported playgroups during school terms, and community and school holiday events throughout the year.

The playgroup educators provide a variety of play experiences to support each child’s learning, and our Family Support Worker can link you to services in the community and offer support with parenting.

At our programs children and parents/carers can:

  • Have fun and learn new things

  • Make new friends

  • Enjoy spending time with each other

  • Share story time and music time

  • Prepare for school

  • Share ideas and learn new parenting tips

  • Learn new strategies to help with your child’s learning

  • Get help to support your child if you need it

For more information contact the College’s reception desk staff on (03) 8765 0111.