Dear Parents/Guardians of Students of Year 7,

To help support the families of the  Doveton  College  community  through  Term 2, we are implementing remote learning to ensure that students can continue learning with as minimal interruption as possible.

We understand that with this shift comes additional challenges, which we will work through together. The Year 7 team has created an online learning platform for students using Google Classroom and Compass. Students will have all resources required posted on the Year 7 Online Classroom that they are all able to access through their Doveton College email. Here is a link to the Doveton College Student home page:

By using this link the students can access all platforms, including Compass, Google Classroom and Essential Assessment. Students will be required to check in to the Google Classroom every day and complete all set tasks.

As there may be additional challenges involved with navigating through this new process, we will endeavour to assist families and individual students during this time.

A schedule has been uploaded onto Compass which will also include the lesson plans for each day. We understand that  every  family  operates differently,  however,  we believe   that  keeping  your child in a consistent routine – whether in line with our example or your  own – will  help  them  adjust to these unique circumstances.

During the closure, we invite you to communicate with us. By keeping the lines of communication open, we hope to make this term run as smooth as possible. The teachers will be in contact, by phone or email, to check on how your child is progressing. You are also most welcome to communicate with us any questions or concerns you may have. We are contactable at the following email addresses:

Milos Lujic is also available on the above number between 9am and 3.15pm.

Kind Regards,

Year 7 Team

Download Year 7 Schedule