Doveton College ELC Continuity of Learning Plan

ELC staff have been forward planning to ensure that we are well equipped to maintain the continuity of learning for children remaining at home in response to the COVID19 pandemic. As educators, we feel it is of vital importance that we remain connected with all children to safeguard the valuable relationships which have developed. We aim to ensure that our early childhood teachers and educators are able to make contact with our children and families regularly to offer support in sustaining learning opportunities within the home.  Please phone or email us if you would like to talk further about your child’s learning at home.

ELC Support Strategies to Sustain Home Learning

  • We have provided a potential daily schedule to implement at home relating to each of our ELC rooms (*see below).
  • Between the 14-17 April, our room leaders will send a personal email to you with regard to your child’s current learning goals and some strategies for you to use at home to help progress your child’s learning.
  • Further to this, staff will make phone contact with you at least once a week to offer their support and guidance and to track your child’s ongoing learning and development.
  • We have provided some valuable links to sites from which you may find useful resources to support your child’s learning at home (**see below)

Support to come:

  • We are currently sourcing an avenue through which we can provide the children with access to videos created by their room educators. These recordings would include group-time experiences such as stories, songs, games, puppet play etc.
  • In addition, we will be preparing remote learning packages to deliver to the children in our funded kindergarten program filled with resources to support their learning.

You will receive more information in regards to these initiatives soon!