Dear Parents/Guardians of Students of Year 7,

In line with the advice from the Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Education James Merlino, we will return to flexible and remote learning until at least the 19th August, 2020. While we understand that this comes with a number of challenges, we would like to remind the families in the school community that staff are available to assist them with this transition once again.

The Year 7 team will continue to use Compass and Google Classroom as the online learning platform for students. All resources will posted on the Year 7 Online Classroom that students are all able to access through their Doveton College email. Here is a link to the Doveton College Student home page:

By using this link the students can continue to access all platforms, including Compass, Google Classroom and Essential Assessment. To be marked present, students will be required to check in to the Google Classroom by 10am every day.

In addition to the previous measures put in place, students will also be required to attend four live lessons per week via Google Meet. The schedule for these lessons is as follows:

 Monday 10.30am

 Tuesday at 9am.

 Thursday 1pm

 Friday 10.30am

A timetable has been uploaded onto Compass, which will also include the lesson plans for each day, including the tasks they will need to complete for their specialist subjects. We understand that every family operates differently, however, we believe that keeping your child in a consistent routine – whether in line with our example or your own – will help them re-adjust to these unique circumstances.

During flexible and remote learning, we invite you to communicate with us. By keeping the lines of communication open, we hope to make this term run as smooth as possible. The teachers and education support staff will be in contact, by phone or email, to check on how your child is progressing. You are also most welcome to communicate with us any questions or concerns you may have. We are contactable at the following email addresses:

Chelsea Watts (7A) –

Paul Atkinson (7B) –

Milos Lujic (7C) – – 0437 874 210

Milos Lujic is also available on the above number between 9am and 3.15pm.

Kind Regards,

Year 7 Team

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