Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you for assisting with the smooth transition to remote and flexible learning.  We understand that there may be questions as you support your children to engage with their learning.

As advised last week staff will be in regular contact with your children.  You can email your children’s teachers through Compass.

The year level leaders will be available on Monday to Friday between 9am and 3:15pm to talk to you if you need.

PREP Ms Carol Fleer 0436 404 192
YEAR 1 Ms Alex Panoutsos 0437 855 283
YEAR 2 Ms Cassie Williams 0437 837 325
YEAR 3 Ms Rebecca Campbell 0437 914 403
YEAR 4 Ms Amanda Hooper – Duffy 0437 915 395
YEAR 5 Ms Mandeep Dominguez 0437 911 830
YEAR 6 Ms Libbee King 0437 838 901
YEAR 7 Mr Milos Lujic 0437 874 210
YEAR 8/9 Ms Devinna Duffy 0437 868 063
YEAR 8/9 Ms Bek Gathercole 0437 824 020
Wellbeing Ms Amara Miles 0418 217 223
Wellbeing Ms Kirstie O’Donnell 0477 740 412
ELC All staff 8765 0111



Thank you for heeding the message from the Premier and Chief Health Officer – if you can be at home you must be at home.  We are following the directions of the Premier, the Chief Health Officer and the Department of Education and Training as we implement remote and flexible learning for the Doveton College community.

We will continue to adapt our educational programs for these circumstances and maintain our strong positive connections with the children.  Thank you for your support in this challenging environment.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need. I hope that you and your family continue to stay safe and healthy.

Yours faithfully,

Debra Gibson